Which projects require a permit?
Permits are required for, but not necessarily limited to, residential and business additions, alterations, patio covers, decks, garden and retaining walls, swimming pools, spas, air conditioners, all electrical and plumbing installations including sprinklers, water heaters and gas lines. If you are considering an alteration to an existing building, or a new construction project, please contact the Building Division at 619.667.1176.

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1. Which projects require a permit?
2. What is the procedure for obtaining a building permit?
3. What information is needed for plan review?
4. What information is needed for residential heating and air conditioning permit review?
5. How do I schedule an inspection?
6. Who can obtain a building permit?
7. What Codes are used to design and construct a project?
8. What time will an inspection take place?
9. Do I have to be present during an inspection?
10. Does the City have records of building permits and inspections for my property?
11. Where can I find Information about Construction and Demolition Recycling?
12. Do I need a City of La Mesa Business License for contracting in the City?