City Walks & Urban TRAILS

Urban Walking Trails 

 Get Up, Get Out, Get Movin’!

Take a walk along our Urban Trails. There are three different routes, each marked with colored markers based on level.

La Mesa Urban Trails Map

  • The "Stroll" - 1 mile - A beginner route, flat - start at the La Mesa Railroad Depot
  • The "Stride- 5 miles - An intermediate route with slight hills - start at Jackson Park
  • The "Challenge" - 3.5 miles - An advanced route with hills and steps - start at Highwood Park

Additional Urban Trails will be added in the future as a result of the award-winning Urban Trails Mobility Action Plan. The plan identifies 19 new trails throughout La Mesa connecting La Mesa residents with key community destinations, including parks and recreation, medical facilities, retail, restaurants, and more in an effort to increase walking, biking, and transit use.

Secret Stairs

Looking for a challenge? The City of La Mesa has several sets of public stairways in the Mt. Nebo / Windsor Hills area. Discover La Mesa’s "Secret Stairs." 

Where to find them view Map

Please be aware the trails and stairs are in very close proximity to private homes. Please be respectful of these properties and do not engage in loud conversations or make noise during early morning and late evening workouts.

La Mesa Walks!

Join us Wednesday mornings at 9:00 AM for walks with friends and neighbors throughout La Mesa and our surrounding communities.

Tennis shoes walk

Call 619.667.1322 or email for more information.

Did You Know?

  • Walking 30 minutes a day can ward off chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and stroke.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says:  10 minutes at a time is fine! Break up physical activity recommendations (150 minutes/week for adults, 60 minutes/day for kids) into smaller chunks of time to easily meet the guidelines!
  • Walking is not only good for you - it's good for the community.

LM Stairs