Business Licenses

Business Licenses in La Mesa

Per La Mesa Municipal Code Section 6.04, anyone doing business in the City of La Mesa must have a Business License issued by the City of La Mesa. This includes:

  • All businesses with La Mesa addresses (91942 and most 91941 zip code locations)
  • Residents working from their homes
  • Out-of-city businesses such as contractors, sub-contractors, delivery businesses, etc.
  • All professionals, per La Mesa Municipal Code Section 6.08.040.
  • Independent contractors.

Doing business in the city is defined as being located in or entering into the city to conduct business with the intent of being paid. This includes businesses based in other cities that enter La Mesa as part of their work such as contractors and delivery companies. It also includes businesses that are located here but may not have customers in La Mesa. Having a presence, even temporarily, in La Mesa requires a business license.

Business License Renewals

Businesses who already have an existing license with the City of La Mesa can now renew online.  Please click on the following button. Processing fees apply.


Business License Lists

Business license listings are updated monthly and are available through the following:

Smoking Ordinance

New and existing businesses should be familiar with the Smoking Ordinance that went into effect on March 28, 2020 that limits exposure to secondhand smoke in public places and places of employment.  If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk @ 619-667-1130.