Traffic Calming

Encouraging Safe Driving

Traffic calming is the slowing of traffic on residential streets, whether the speeding is caused by residents  themselves or cut-through traffic. Traffic calming is accomplished in three primary ways:
  • Education - Educating the public is an important step. Helping residents understand the source of the problem can be accomplished by providing traffic data for their area and supplying information on how traffic systems and regulations define various solutions. In addition, public education efforts can help drivers understand their impact on traffic management and safety.
  • Enforcement - Traffic enforcement is stepped up to see if that will calm speeders. Citizens can call the Police Department at 619.667.7549 to request additional police enforcement or ask that a radar trailer be placed on their street. Sometimes drivers don't check their speedometers while on residential streets. The radar trailer alerts drivers as to how fast they are traveling. If speeding, conscientious drivers will slow down and watch their speed.
  • Engineering - Engineering design changes can be evaluated to redesign the street to better suit the needs of all users. Traffic calming devices are simple street design features that cause motorists to drive with more care; to drive more slowly; or, perhaps, drive via another route. All this, combined with pedestrian enhancements, will help to create a more traffic calmed neighborhood.  To request traffic calming, please submit a Traffic Calming Petition Form.

Some simple solutions may include additional speed limit signs and/or pavement markings. Additional signage causes the careful driver to slow down. If those changes don't lower vehicle speeds, there is a "tool box" of traffic calming measures to choose from. One or more traffic calming tools could be implemented.