Household Hazardous Waste & Electronic Waste

What is Household Hazardous Waste & Electronic Waste?

Household hazardous waste (HHW) is any material (gas, liquid, or solid) from a home that may pose a health threat to people, animals, or the environment if handled or disposed of improperly. Common examples include chemicals labeled "poison," "toxic," "flammable," "corrosive," or "reactive," electronic devices, paint, motor oil, and products containing mercury (including fluorescent bulbs).

How do I dispose of HHW?

If you would like to dispose of HHW and electronic waste, the City offers 8 free collection events each year for City of La Mesa residents. HHW can be dropped off by appointment only and there is a limit of 15 gallons, 125 pounds, or five monitors / TVs. 

If you live within the city limits, please call EDCO at 619.287.5696 ext. 4270 or email to schedule an appointment. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number.

 Information for Homebound Residents

Residents with physical or other limitations that prevent them from driving are eligible to participate in the City of La Mesa’s household hazardous waste/electronic waste Home Pickup Program. This program is available to La Mesa residents of any age who are physically unable to participate in a drop-off event. If you meet the criteria, call EDCO at 619.287.5696 ext. 4270 to schedule a home pickup.

Surrounding Areas

If you live in Mt. Helix, Casa de Oro, Rancho San Diego, Spring Valley, or another unincorporated area, call the County of San Diego at 877.713.2784 for household hazardous waste program information in your area.



Where can I dispose of household toxic products like old paint and pesticides?

The City holds regular collection events for City of La Mesa residents. Hazardous materials can be dropped off by appointment only. If you live within the city limits, you can call EDCO at (629)-287-5696 ext. 4270 to make an appointment.

I change my own oil and would like to get rid of it. Where can I take used motor oil?

Used motor oil and oil filters must be taken to a certified collection center for disposal. For more information, please see the link for a used oil certified center near you.

I want to dispose of an old computer monitor, but I understand that I can no longer throw it into the trash. How can I get rid of it?

The City has disposal events throughout the year to dispose of electronic waste such as computer, monitors, keyboards, stereo equipment, VCRs, cell phones and other small electronic items. We do not accept business waste or large appliances at these events. For dates and times of upcoming electronic waster disposal events, please call (619)667-1338.

Where can I dispose of tires?

Search for the closest tire recycling facility.