Alvarado Specific Plan

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The Alvarado Specific Plan is a privately proposed plan to redevelop the San Diego RV Park property on Alvarado Road between 70th Street and Comanche Drive. The Plan would allow for a housing project that could include as many as 950 apartment units, and may include a student housing component. The draft Specific Plan, preliminary grading plans, draft Environmental Impact Report, and environmental impact studies can be accessed through the links below

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Alvarado Specific Plan Summary Report

DRAFT Alvarado Specific Plan

Conceptual Grading Plans with Site Sections

The Alvarado Specific Plan is currently under revision to address review comments to clarify and augment information provided. Revisions are not anticipated to result in substantive changes to the nature of the project proposed by the Specific Plan. The revised Specific Plan will be posted here once received.

Environmental Review

A draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was prepared for the project. The DEIR was available for public review for 45 calendar days from September 9, 2020, to October 26, 2020. Comments on the adequacy of the DEIR were welcomed during the public review period. 

Draft Environmental Impact Report - Complete

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Environmental Setting

3.0 Project Description

4.0 Environmental Analysis

5.0 Cumulative Impacts

6.0 Other Mandatory Discussion Areas

7.0 Alternatives

8.0 References Cited

9.0 Individuals Consulted/List of Preparers


Scoping Meeting – May 29, 2019

Questions or comments may be provided to:

Kirt Coury, Project Planner

Community Development Department

City of La Mesa

8130 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, California 91942

Comments may also be provided via email to