Summer Newsletter

Public and Private Outdoor Areas Allowed for Dining

Outdoor DiningThe City of La Mesa issued Executive Order 3-2020 on July 9, 2020, which temporarily allows the use of public and private outdoor areas by eating establishments for dining, provided those establishments obtain written authorization from the Director of Community Development and comply with all social distancing and other COVID-19 related health orders and all other City, County (e.g., emergency orders), State (e.g., Alcoholic Beverage Control) and Federal laws (e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act).

This Executive Order comes after the state suspended indoor dining for San Diego County due to rising COVID-19 cases effective July 6, 2020. There is no City fee charged or permit required for businesses that receive authorization to use public and private outdoor areas for dining. Businesses interested in obtaining written authorization for temporary use of public and private outdoor areas should visit the Community Development page for more information and to apply.

La Mesa City Council Asks Citizen Police Oversight Board Task Force to Provide Recommendations in September

The establishment of a Police Oversight Commission is a conversation many La Mesa residents are having in light of recent events in La Mesa and our country.  At the June 23rd City Council meeting, the City Council gave direction to the Citizen Public Safety Oversight Task Force to complete their objectives and provide a recommendation to City Council at the September 8 meeting.  To support the task force, the Council asked staff to provide the task force with any necessary resources to complete their objectives and approved the appropriation of up to $50,000 to provide outside legal assistance.

Small Business Administration Disaster Relief Loans AvailableVillage Core District

The City of La Mesa is actively searching for available resources to assist our local businesses during this difficult time.  Currently, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has two low interest loan programs to aid businesses that sustained physical damage or economic loss as a result of the recent civil unrest.  The Small Business Disaster Relief Loan Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program are available for La Mesa businesses providing enough applications are received countywide for the SBA to declare a physical disaster.  

Applying for either program does not obligate a business to participate in the program should a declaration be issued.  If you know of a business or are a business owner whose business sustained damage or economic loss during the riots, please consider applying for these loan programs!

More information is available on the City’s webpage located at including the necessary application forms for these two loan programs.  If you are a business owner and have questions about either program, feel free to contact Andy McKellar, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at (619) 667-7471 or

Shared Streets Pilot Program

The purpose of this grant from SANDAG is to provide for additional walking, biking and outdoor exercise opportunities in the immediate area while encouraging safe social distancing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduction in vehicle traffic will enhance health and safety by providing safer, low volume public street areas for socially distanced active recreation.

Shared Streets Pilot ProgramTraffic signs (plastic K-Rail and lighted A-frame) and barricades were placed at entrances to the neighborhood by the City on June 29th, 2020. The streets impacted are Hayes Street/Washington Avenue (Jackson Dr. to La Mesa Blvd.) and Ohio Place (Jesse Ave. to Parks Ave.). The intent is to reduce vehicle speeds and “cut-through” traffic, as well as limit traffic within the neighborhood generally to residents only. The signs and barricades will be placed in the roadway as a warning to motorists, but will not physically prevent access by residents, service vehicles or emergency vehicles. These traffic control devices will be reflectorized and lighted, but additional caution should be exercised when entering or leaving the neighborhood, day or night.

As noted above, this program is temporary and the signs and barricades will be removed after the 30-day pilot period is over, approximately the end of July. We apologize if you experience any inconvenience during implementation of this pilot project. One of the goals of the project is to gather feedback from the community on the benefits and challenges of this type of project, as well as recommendations that may be applied to future neighborhood traffic calming projects, so your comments are important to us.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the City of La Mesa Engineering Department at 619.667.1166.

CAP Annual Report Update

A few months ago the City released its inaugural Climate Action Plan Annual Report. Over the past 19 months Council, City staff, and YOU have been busy putting the CAP into action, with 24 of the 25 CAP measures already in progress or complete.

Our inaugural CAP Annual Report highlights progress since the CAP was adopted, and showcases efforts like our collaboration with the SDSU Sage program, which is sourcing ideas from students on zero waste, active transportation, and housing opportunities. The City also became a founding member of San Diego Community Power, an initiative that supports the City’s progress towards 100% renewable electricity. This effort alone accounts for 32% of our anticipated greenhouse gas reductions and is pivotal as we work towards our goals. City Council also proactively authorized accessory dwelling units to support efficient housing options for La Mesa residents.

Our progress doesn’t stop with City-led initiatives; implementation of the CAP is a community effort. Solar panelsThe Environmental Sustainability Commission continues to advise the Council on key environmental issues, and the community remains heavily engaged in La Mesa’s progress forward. For instance, solar capacity in La Mesa now exceeds 26 MW of local clean energy thanks to residents and businesses proactively installing clean renewable energy.

The highlights in La Mesa’s first report represent just the start of our journey and the City remains excited to see all of the ways our community will continue to come together to create a thriving La Mesa for generations to come. You can read the full report on our website.

Weed Abatement Program

Lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, grinders, tractors, and trimmers can all spark a fire. Do your part, SAFELY, to keep your community fire safe!

Here’s how to do it SAFELY: Brush Clearing Before and After

  • Do all maintenance before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. NEVER in the heat of the day or when the wind is blowing!
  • NEVER burn weeds, trash or rubbish.
  • NEVER use lawn mowers to mow dry vegetation.
  • Use weed trimmers with nylon or synthetic cord to trim down vegetation. NEVER use weed trimmers with metal blades!
  • Remove rocks in the area before you begin operating any equipment.
  • Keep a cell phone nearby and call 911 immediately in case of a fire. NEVER put yourself in harm’s way to extinguish a fire!

For more information, visit the Heartland Fire site.