Downtown Village Parking & PARKING Permit Program

ENFORCEMENT:      Parking meters are enforced Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m., excepting certain holidays.

HOLIDAY PARKING: Parking meters are not enforced on the following holidays: January 1st; the third Monday in January, known as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; the third Monday in February, known as Presidents Day; March 31st known as Cesar Chavez Day; Good Friday from 12 noon until 3 p.m., the last Monday in May, known as Memorial Day; July 4th; the first Monday in September, known as Labor Day; November 11th known as Veterans Day; the fourth Thursday in November, known as Thanksgiving Day, and December 25th, known as Christmas Day.

PAYMENT: The vast majority of the parking meters in the Downtown Village Parking District are coin-only meters, accepting nickels, dimes, and quarters. The 102 parking meters on La Mesa Boulevard, from 4th Street to Acacia Avenue, accept both coins and credit/debit cards (there is no additional fee to the consumer for using a credit/debit card to pay the meter), or a combination of coins and credit/debit card.

MAXIMUM PARKING TIME: In most locations, the maximum parking time is two hours at a cost of $0.75/hr. If you need more than two hours time there are several locations in the Parking District that allow 4-hour parking, including 1) the Allison Avenue municipal parking lot ($0.50/hr, 4-hour max.), 2) Allison Avenue, from Spring St. to 4th Street ($0.50/hr, 4-hour max.), 3) Lemon Avenue, from Spring St. to 4th Street ($0.75/hr., 4-hour max). Each meter is clearly marked with a sticker indicating maximum time limits and days of operation. Please observe the posted time limitations, as remaining parked past time limit and/or “feeding the meter” can result in issuance of a parking citation.

MALFUNCTIONING METER: If you believe the parking meter has malfunctioned, please contact the Parking Control office at (619) 667-1482 and report the problem. Stickers on each parking meter identify the location of the meter pole and meter (e.g., pole 50, meter ‘A’), as well as phone contact information.

PARKING CITATIONS: Parking citations must be paid within 21 days of issuance. For your convenience, La Mesa provides four easy ways to pay your citation: by mail, online, by phone, or in person here at City Hall. Details on each payment method, including payment website address, contact numbers and mailing addresses are available on the City’s website.

DISPUTING A PARKING CITATION: There are several ways to request an administrative review of a parking citation. You can visit and select the "Contest Citation" option and make your case by filling in the online form. Alternatively, you can visit the La Mesa Police Department, located at 8085 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942, and fill out a Citation Contest form. Regardless of which method you choose, the La Mesa Police Department will review the form and make a determination at a later date. You will be notified of the outcome by a letter from the Parking Citation Processing Center. Contact the Parking Citation Processing Center at 855.544.9373 for additional information. 

Failure to pay a parking citation within 21 days could result in the original penalty being doubled and the placement of a $10 Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hold, and the forwarding of the citation penalty due being forwarded to the DMV. The DMV will refuse to register or re-register the vehicle cited until all citations are paid in full or dismissed.

PARKING PERMIT PROGRAM: The Downtown Village Parking Permit Program  provides Downtown Village business owners and their employees with access to all-day parking in six designated areas throughout the Parking District at a substantially lower cost than standard parking meter rates. Users participating in the program will receive a hang-tag placard and a quarterly parking sticker that must be displayed when parking in a permit parking area. Permits can be applied for and paid for at La Mesa City Hall, located at 8130 Allison Avenue. Payments can be mailed to: City of La Mesa, Downtown Operations/Parking Control, 8130 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942

Permit holders can check the City’s website for updated information on sales and renewals at the Downtown Village Parking Permit Program page. You can find permit applications, maps of parking areas, and a guide to permit parking policies and procedures on the City’s website.

Quarterly Parking Permit Programs:  

1) The East-End Program (for the area east of Spring Street)
     This Program offers either a $40 permit that provides access to approximately 125 parking spaces, or a $60
      permit that provides access to 229 spaces in five different parking areas.

2) The La Mesa Boulevard Lot Program (for the area west of Spring Street)
     This Program offers access to 31 spaces in the municipal parking lot located on the south side of La Mesa Blvd.,
      just west of Acacia Avenue.


Permits are renewed on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October) and permit holders must submit a new parking permit application to the City each quarter to renew their parking permits. The City sends out an email reminder to all permit holders who have provided an email address on their previous permit applications approximately two weeks in advance of the next quarterly renewal date. The email reminder will contain information on the date that the City will start selling new permits and/or renewing existing permits and will include links to permit applications and parking policies and procedures guidelines.

Please Note: There is no grace period for expired permits after the start of a new quarter. If you have not yet received your placards and/or stickers by the start of the new quarter, please place your payment receipt on your dash until your placard/sticker arrives. Also, existing permits renewed after the first month of the quarter are not eligible for pro-rated fees.

If you are interested in obtaining information regarding parking permits outside of the Downtown Village, please visit the Citywide Permit Program page.