Green Infrastructure

Green 1 transparent Trees are vital assets to a community. They improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood, increase property values, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and provide wildlife habitat. Similarly, healthy and robust green infrastructure systems can mitigate the urban heat island effect, lower building energy use, provide natural stormwater management, and improve local air quality.  Visit Cal Fire for more information on the benefits of urban forestry and the vital role of trees.

Tree City USA 

For the past 38 years, the City of La Mesa has earned the designation of a Tree City USA. The Tree City USA program is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters. La Mesa achieves Tree City USA recognition by meeting the program’s four requirements: a tree board or department, a tree-care ordinance, an annual community forestry budget of at least $2 per capita and an Arbor Day observance and proclamation.

Grow the Urban Tree Canopy

The City has multiple programs to support the growth of our urban tree canopy in public spaces. Are you interested in ways you can support the growth of our urban forest at your home? Check out the resources below for more info.

City Programs

The City of La Mesa's Give-A-Tree Program is a formal tree donation program to grow La Mesa’s tree canopy. Donors deposit $200 into the Give-A-Tree account through the Finance Division at City Hall. Then details such as the type of tree, location, time and date of planting are established in partnership with the Park Department. A plaque is engraved with the name of the person for whom the tree was planted and added to the Give-A-Tree Plaque which hangs at City Hall. Please call 619.667.1450 for more information.

City Documents and References