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  • Volunteer to be the "Eyes on the Street" as students walk and bike to school
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For more information, call 619.667.1319 or email SRTS@cityoflamesa.us

Streets in La Mesa

La Mesa emerged as the top scoring city for walkability for several reasons. The city has (a) extensively catalogued local walking conditions, especially around transit stations and schools, (b) consistently upgraded intersections and other facilities to better alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians, (c) instituted a host of incentives to reward developers for designing buildings and neighborhoods with walking utmost in mind, especially in their downtown and transit station areas, and (d) instituted a robust program to educate students and families about pedestrian and bike safety and encourage them to walk and bike to school. In addition, La Mesa has protected its downtown grid network of streets, which allows for a mix of walkable destinations, including transit stops.

Did You Know?

  • Walking 30 minutes a day can ward off chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and stroke.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says:  10 minutes at a time is fine! Break up physical activity recommendations (150 minutes/week for adults, 60 minutes/day for kids) into smaller chunks of time to easily meet the guidelines!
  • Walking is not only good for you; it's good for the community.
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