Station 13

Station 13Remodeling
Station 13 was recently remodeled using funds from voter-approved Proposition D. The ribbon cutting ceremony was on March 8 and the station was back in service on March 9, 2010.

Equipment Housed
Station 13 houses:
Engine 13
Cal EMA 292


Engine 13 is staffed with:
  • Captain
  • Engineer
  • Firefighter

Engine 13
Engine 13 responds to the same type of incidents as Engine 11 and has the additional responsibility of cross-staffing Cal EMA 292. Cal EMA 292 is a fire engine owned by the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA).

Cal EMA Engines
OES EngineCal EMA Engines respond to major incidents when requested through the local EMA coordinator. Responses can be state-wide and often last several days. All costs incurred are reimbursed through the Cal EMA. There are seven Cal EMA Engines in San Diego County, and La Mesa considers it a privilege to have one.