Climate Action Plan Updates

La Mesa-HoffmanPhotoVideo-00092On February 26, City Council approved La Mesa’s FY 19-21 Climate Action Plan Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan breaks the Climate Action Plan (CAP) down to create a short-term action plan with specific activities, budgets, and targets that the City will work toward over the next two years. You can review the full plan on our Climate Action page. The Environmental Sustainability Commission’s CAP Subcommittee meets once a month to discuss implementation of the CAP and is open to the public. To learn more, contact

 So what’s next? La Mesa staff are working hard to find grants and develop programs that put this plan into action – like planting more trees in La Mesa and developing programs that make it easier for you to save money on your utility bills. Are you curious about how you can help? As we approach Earth Day, consider trying one new sustainable practice during the month of April. Commit to one small change like biking or taking public transportation to work one day per week, start composting (take advantage of the City's voucher!), or bring your reusable utensils and say no to disposable plastics the next time you enjoy fast casual dining in La Mesa—there are tones of ideas that save you money while also benefiting the environment. Come find us at the Earth Day Festival in Harry Griffin Park on April 27 and tell us about your progress!