The City of La Mesa's Climate Action Plan

In March of this year, the City of La Mesa affirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability when City Council adopted the Climate Action Plan (CAP). The CAP, as it is often referred to, creates a bold and unprecedented roadmap for the City to cut community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in half by 2035, from 2010 levels.

In doing so, the City will decrease energy and water waste, create safer streets for bikers and pedestrians, increase recycling, advance 100% clean energy, reduce vehicle trips, and expand the urban tree canopy by Parks and Rec-88promoting the planting of trees in neighborhoods, parks and business areas. These efforts will help drive down emissions and support La Mesa’s vision of a community with a safe and healthy environment. 

So, what are the next steps, one might ask? The CAP identifies 23 measures to reduce emissions. Currently, City staff and stakeholders are diligently working to develop a near-term work plan that will outline priority actions, how progress will be monitored, and an overview of key resources needed for successful implementation.

A key element for a thriving and climate-friendly La Mesa will be the collaboration and active participation of the community. The City of La Mesa needs you! Check back for future tips, resources and updates on how everyone can work together to make this great vision a reality.

For additional information, please visit our Climate Action page.